Sunday, July 11, 2010

Microsoft Tulay Experience

The experience during the training in Microsoft Tulay is very enjoy. I was so happy to meet our teacher, Ma'am Annamy Guzman I though she was strict when I first see her. To my classmate ate Wally who is funny, ate Janice who is pretty, ate Grace who is simple, ate Victoria who is very silent but when she talks its so funny, Kuya Joey that is single and Kuya Rommel who is good boy to his boy we call us "sting:). Most of my classmate have there own family.Kuya joey and Ate Wally are single mam and other classmate teasing them both. They are happy companion even that they are older than me, like they are family in this training working together.
I started the training on July 6, 2010 at 9am. First week of training is simply we do basic of PowerPoint and Microsoft Word. This lesson is basic for me because we already done this to my previews course at the degree of BSCS but even though I've done this, its important to recall all of this so that we could not forget.We meet friends on the training so I like to be one on this training.
One of the memorable experience at the training when we eat lunch together at the pagoda we enjoy the food, the pancit and pandesal. I always remember this experience when I already finish this training.